How the fuck do women think Brad Paisley is good looking?

by sanjosebarstool

I’m sorry, I know he’s a country star and all but this is re-goddman-diculous. I know he’s a country “star” and having a good voice helps but this is absolute horseshit. I know some singers are ugly but credit for singing their true feelings, but this down home boy is singing about tractors, trucks and pancakes for all I know. That doesn’t take talent, nor does playing a few notes on the guitar. Hell every college campus has some squid playing acoustic tunes more passionate than this trucker hat goon.

I think what I’m more pissed at is that I know I am at least +3 on the good looking scale than him and that the Two Broke Girls chicks were all about him. Cannot figure it out for the life me.

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Stop the fight. Guess it’s all about exposure and whiskey songs, huh? Paisley even has to roll up sleeves to show off the biceps, come on guy. I stopped doing that in 7th grade.

The only thing I can think of is that all country chicks are drunk. Has to be.