Sharks give Thornton/Marleau both 3 year extensions

by sanjosebarstool


Well can’t say they don’t deserve it for their regular season performances over the past few years. Both are 34 years old and with the Sharks young core of Couture, Pavelski, Burns and co., if these guys can’t do it with  these guys, they should go somewhere else while they are still worth something. Otherwise, they’ll be here till they are 37.

All in all, if they end up trading one of those guys, it’ll be Thornton, but they still got a few years with the current crew: Couture, Burns, and Pavelski are all in the middle of a 5 year extensions. If Hertl can come back healthy and no major injuries to the defense all they’ll need to do is find their balls in the playoffs. That’s pretty much why Rafi Torres was brought in to do but having him out doesn’t give them a huge edge. Todd’s boys need to get street shark tough to advance to the top.

Hey if a team from LA and Anaheim can win the greatest prize in hockey can be the Sharks for the taking.