San Jose mother wins case against CA Protective services, is allowed to spank her 12 y/o daughter

by sanjosebarstool


Mercury NewsA California court has sided with a mother who was placed on a state child abuse database after spanking her 12-year-old daughter.

The mother, Veronica Gonzalez, was reported for child abuse after she spanked her daughter with a wooden spoon, causing bruises.

The Santa Clara Department of Social Services submitted the incident for inclusion in the state Justice Department’s Child Abuse Central Index, which is used to screen prospective adoptive or foster care parents and child care workers.

Gonzalez argued at trial that no consideration was given to her parental right to impose reasonable discipline on her child, who was slacking off in school.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Mark H. Pierce agreed with Gonzalez, saying the Legislature has recognized reasonable corporal punishment as a legitimate disciplinary measure.

My first instinct here was to say that the mother was of Asian descent because there are a ton of tiger mom’s out here that basically beat these kids into doing homework and going to school on the weekend, etc. etc.

Floored to know that this woman is most likely Mexican, which begs the question did she try to spank her daughter and then she got caught or did the daughter break the hood silence and tell on her? If so her ass is literally toast because she is going to get a whooping for going to the po-lice for this. Would not be surprised to hear that this 12 year old brat was socially ostracized in her community. Credit to the mother though for taking charge of the slacking off in school. If you know anything about the culture out her, not surprising for these girls to have kids at 15, 16 or 17. The mother probably is barely 30. Anyways, this girl sucks, got and will get what she deserves.