H1N1 virus attacking Bay Area

by sanjosebarstool


NBC Bay Area – He was young, active and healthy, but that was no match for this year’s deadly flu virus.

Matthew Walker, 23, is one of the latest victims to die from the flu, specifically the H1N1 virus commonly known as swine flu.

The death of the young man from Santa Rosa this week is catching the attention of a lot of people.

Walker’s friends and family are devastated.

“I can’t believe something like this could happen to someone so young,” said 21-year-old Tanner Petersen, Walker’s friend and co-worker.

Petersen said he can’t believe his friend is gone. Just three weeks ago, Walker was working beside him in the produce department of G and G Supermarket in Santa Rosa before coming down with a fatal case of the flu.

“He’d been coughing for awhile, but it didn’t seem like anything, just a normal cough,” Petersen said. “Just this quickly, like boom, he goes from being completely fine to where we’re at right now.”

Walker’s health spiraled down incredibly fast. He chronicled it all on Facebook:

On Dec. 22 he wrote: “Woke up heeeela sick…sore throat cough runny nose.”

Two days later he wrote: “I’m so over being sick.”

A serial arsonist now a deadly flu, what next?

I’m going to come clean about not being so clean. I don’t wash my hands often, I have never gotten a flu shot, I have never worn sandals in a public shower area (dorm, gym). I never use hand sanitizer and have never taken a z-pack or one of those prescription cold medicines. Give me some Emergen-C and Robitussen and that’s only in rare situations. I get sick once a year and I’m over the stuffy nose, cough, runny nose cycle in a week.

Am I trying to make light of Mr. Walters plight? Absolutely not. I am saying that if you expose yourself to germs, odds are when they attack you it’s not going to be as rough dealing with it. Adam Carola said on his podcast that the one career he never sees someone die young in? Corner guys for boxers. Why? Because they are CONSTANTLY being hit with spit, sweat, blood and all types of other disgusting fluids.


Anyways, this just goes to show another reason why the Bay Area is soft. Nut up, try not to be such a pussy, but yeah if you’re really sick go get that shit checked out. If not, stop wining about it.

P.S. I have never ever made a status update about being sick. Having the shits? Absolutely. Being sick? No.