Sharks win over Red Wings in mostly a snooze fest

by sanjosebarstool


4 to 1, with Pavelski scoring two and almost getting his third really late. Honeslty, Red Wings look like they are going to miss out on the playoffs…real dirty pool play on their part. Cheap shots late in the third did ignite the game as it ended with a great take away being the younger guys like Wingels stepping up and be physical.

Waiting on a video but Bertuzzi scrummed with Wingels, Wingels hit Bertuzzi against the boards, caused him to bleed from the side temple, they get separated and Bertuzzi threw his helmet at Wingels. Dirty pool.

Also, two minutes left the game, Red Wings resorting to this:

That’s dirty pool, guys. Nobody wants that and yes that’s autocorrect fucking up Cleary’s name.