Scientology’s war of Southern California aggression hits the VTA

by sanjosebarstool





I cannot be the only one that has noticed the growing plethora of advertisements for Scientology and their centers popping up all around the Bay Area. Well now they’ve started infringing upon my commute putting up signage on the light rail. I know people from northern California can be pretty out there, but isn’t this so emblematic of LA that we should want this out of our communities? Or at the very least, have a sign in Vietnamese saying “Do not talk loudly on your cell phone” or “Không nói chuyện lớn tiếng trên điện thoại di động của bạn,” instead? Seriously, come on isn’t that what the Bay Area Fresh means being fresh to death and not fake like SoCal?

Either way, kind of funny that they are trying to get the proletarians of the Bay Area on board…wrong marketing demo, Scientology bro’s. If anything you should be doing ads on Uber not ones that me and some guy who smells like Arby’s and divorce are going to see. I thought you guys were about recruiting the best of the best? I’m flattered but I’ll pass, Tom.