Kanye gives Kim a hilariously awful Christmas gift

by sanjosebarstool



You almost have to respect how awful and narcissistic this gift is from Kanye. I think giving my parents “One free week of doing laundry” gift is less irresponsible than this. The funny thing is that I think Kanye is so wrapped up in his own head that he probably did forget it was Christmas then strung this together 3 hours before gift giving.

A couple take aways however: after the Michael Jackson saga, the black community will have to give up Kanye at some point, right? The list of incidents is so long, from Taylor Swift, George Bush hates black people, to Obama snidely calling him a jackass, to my personal favorite interview with Sway, at a certain point they gotta say, aight we’re done. Not sure what that tipping point could be, if there is any. Declaring himself God? Assassinating MJ? Getting in a fight with Denzel? Even still there would be that one cat who’d be like, “….but his music though….”

Second take away: Armenians celebrate Christmas?