Val Kilmer is officially off the reservation

by sanjosebarstool

val kilmer


First off, who uses hashtags on Facebook? Straight looney bin material here. Second, not sure if you know this or follow Val Kilmer as much as I do, but he’s been doing a one man show completely in character as Mark Twain for the past year. Don’t believe me? Check this out:



Some creepy shit for sure. Lastly, Batman? Why now? Unfortunately, people remember Clooney’s bomb more than your movie (which is a crime, Nicole Kidman is FIRE in that).

The only thing I can take away from this is that he probably was playing himself in The Saint.

Also, I will fight everyone on the internet that says Doc Holiday wasn’t his best role. Guy steals the entire movie with every one liner.

P.S. The scene with Billy Zane as the flamboyant Shakespearean actor doing Henry V’s speech in the theatre is probably the funniest scene in cinematic history. At least top 5.