Doug Ford handing out $20 bills to residents in his district

by sanjosebarstool



The Star – Doug Ford’s unusual generosity this past week says much about the man and his flawed concept of public service.

The councillor for Etobicoke North attracted well-deserved criticism for appearing at a public housing complex Wednesday night and handing out $20 bills to residents. It looked a lot like vote buying. And, earlier in the week, Ford’s promise to use $50,000 of his money to upgrade 10 rundown city parks also generated debate.

The two incidents illustrate Ford’s remarkable willingness to reach into his wallet and pull out private cash for what’s ostensibly a good cause. His actions also reveal something else: a political philosophy that favours direct action by wealthy donors over government involvement in providing a public good.

While Ford willingly gives his own money to worthy public causes, he has also been a vocal proponent of service cuts at city hall — including a 2011 budget plan attacking library funding, grants for arts and culture, and even breakfasts for hungry children.

Thanks to a public outcry, hungry kids kept their meals. But before reversing himself and helping to save the program, Ford’s solution was to write a $1,000 cheque in support of one particular Etobicoke school’s breakfast service.

His preferred answer is always: let the private sector do it.

Talk about riding coat tails, does Doug Ford really think he can take the spotlight off of his brother? No fucking way. Even if he’s trying to save his own political career as opposed to taking heat off his brother, Doug Ford will always be Rob Ford’s brother. He’s clearly the Owen Hart of the Ford Foundation. Clean it up, bro. You’re never taking the cake away from Rob, so best take the EdTV route and write your memoirs about growing up with Rob Ford now.

my brother pissed

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