Why Michael Bolton’s “Our Love is Like a Holiday” is the best Christmas song of the past 25 years

by sanjosebarstool


It’s that time of year again, where every you go you hear the same Christmas songs throughout every mall and Starbucks. Unfortunately, the Mariah Carey’s of the world seem to get the most airplay when they are clearly the shittiest songs about the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord. For the record, the greatest song about Christmas is The Band’s “Christmas Must Be Tonight,” however today we are talking about the here and now. The fact of the matter is that Michael Bolton has the best song of the past 25 years in regards to Christmas as shown above. Let’s break it down.

I know that I let you down in the past
Cause I’ve got so many places to go
Girl I promise I’ll be around give me a chance
Cause I’m singing for you wherever it show

This is the story of a man who can’t always be there for his woman, he’s disappointed her in the past. Not only that, it’s the story of his own experience. This woman exists. Powerful first verse.

(How can I)
How can it be
(How can I)
I’ve been so deep
(How can I)
It’s hard to believe
This world brought you to me
(Brought you to me)

She didn’t come looking for Michael Bolton. He’s already had his share of Nicollette Sheridan’s and other groupies, he found her. He might not show it, but it shocks him on a daily basis that she’s his.

I’ve been to Paris, London, LA
I feel the tropical sun in my face
This Christmas we don’t need to get away
Cause our love is like a holiday

We’re talking about Michael Bolton here. He’s been relevant since the 80’s, a man who’s loved and loved a lot. Bolton’s at the point in his life where he doesn’t need iconic or tropic locations…he just needs you. Powerful stuff. If he could bottle that and sell it, it’d be more potent than Michael’s Stuff.

I’m always calling from a different hotel room
And your voice makes me feel like home
Backstreet I’m waiting just thinking of you, of you
Just lying there sleeping alone

Michael Bolton is the modern Odysseus, just on a journey back to his wife. Taking no suitors, not diving into temptation cock-first. This is love. Whoa.

(How can I)
How can it be
(How can I)
I feel you creep into my every dream
I’m coming back on Christmas Eve (on Christmas Eve)

I feel like Nicole Aniston does this to me on a semi-regular basis…anyways, yeah he’s gonna come back on Christmas Eve, beating out Michael from the Folger’s commercial.

Girl I know you’ve been waiting for me for much too long
I thank you girl for holding on
Believe me when I tell you there’s just one place I know I belong
Girl that’s why I loved you to soul

Two things: First, this is a stripped down Bolton, the hair and the 90’s are over. He’s thankful beyond belief that the potential weariness of being with a man of Bolton’s caliber has not set in with the many throngs of woman that throw themselves at him every night has stuck around. Yet despite all of that, he wants her to know that in all the world, the only place he wants and needs to be…is with her.

Now here’s the legendary mystery to this song: the official song lyrics read “Girl that’s why I loved you to soul” which really doesn’t make sense but will drop moist panties for sure. My take? He and his backup soul singers actually say, “Girl that’s why I wrote you this song” but of course you can’t extrapolate that to the proletariat. Grooving in a mystery indeed.

All in all, the greatest Christmas song of all. Thank you Michael Bolton.