Wake up with Ivana Millicevic

by sanjosebarstool


So me and Ivana Millecevic are kind of a thing now. Bond girl, star of Cinemax’s Banshee. Not going to lie, I kind of expected this. Just really happy she’s putting Cameron Crowe on notice, as if to say, “Hey Cameron, just letting you know, this guy took what you wrote and what Tom Cruise said and turned it up to 11. Whoa.”

Anyways, here’s a million pictures of her:

005JLH_Ivana_Milicevic_009 1694868-ivana_milicevic_03 9714198_ori banshee-Ivana-Milicevic fhd006VLR_Ivana_Milicevic_005 fhd006VLR_Ivana_Milicevic_012 Ivana Milicevic photo-006 Ivana_Milicevic_as_Dasha_Fedorovich Ivana-Milicevic-Feet-686702