The top 5 fictional best friend deaths ever

by sanjosebarstool


So in recent light of Vin Diesel’s status update on Faceboook about Paul Walker’s passing and mother saying that he was his “other half” (side note, I’m too classy to make a gay joke here), it got me to think about all the fictional passings that gave me the same visceral reaction.

5) “Eastbound and Down” – Shane

This one I will admit, had me crying laughing.

4) “Forrest Gump” – Bubba

Even though you knew it was coming, sad to see.

“Forrest, why is this happening?”

“You got shot.”


3) “Titanic” – That old couple


Nothing to see here, just some elderly folks clearly still with some passion dying a horrible death by drowning in the most famous capsizing ever. Is that the ocean or my tears, I don’t know.

2) “Charlotte’s Web” – Charlotte

I can still, to this day without having seen this in probably 15 years remember the words echoing in my head. “Charlotte…..CHARLOTTE!!!”

1) “Brian’s Song” – Brian

I don’t know if I’ve seen grown, tough black dudes cry ever outside of this clip. And of all people to cry, it’s Lando? Undisputed saddest best friend death ever.