Budweiser unveil’s new Bud Light Cran-brrr-ita

by sanjosebarstool



Just saw a commercial for Bud Light’s Cran-Brrr-Rita. Is it a shitty name for it? Yes. Have I ever mixed beer with cranberry juice? I don’t think so. Do only Hispanics drink that Tomato Bud Light one? For all intensive purposes yes.

Yet despite all those terrible factors, I really want to try these out. I truly am as excited the Nets fan on this one. Why? Winter is heavy as fuck. Yeah I live in California, but when it’s cold, everything comes in heavier: food, beer, women, family guilt at parties, etc. Ever been to a kegger in the winter at somebody’s cabin? Choking down ice cold light beer while at the same time freezing my hands off? No bueno. Does that make a pussy? Sure. Do I know that after choking down 12 Sam Adams Winters that I will not only be full for days but also have heartburn?

And if you wanna go ahead drink something festive like pancake mix with alcohol egg nog or urine hot cider, be my guest, I’ll take a Cran-brrr-ita.

P.S. Because I know that their will be a ton of craft beer guys crying foul on this. Good. You guys realize you, the craft beers snobs, are the asshole cross fit fanatics of the alcohol world?