The Top 5 songs missing from MLB walk ups

by sanjosebarstool


After today’s news of Jacoby Ellsbury signing with the Yankees, it reminded me of the fact that the 7 years/$153 million man has had the same tired Kevin Rudolf song from maybe ’09. Anyways, it upsets me that no player other than Bryce Harper and a hand full of others change up their at bat walk up song from time to time or something to energize the crowd. If it was up to me, I’d have different songs for different innings and different teams.

But since that isn’t happening any time soon, I’m putting it out there that these are the songs we need in baseball. These players need to take a page out of the wrestling handbook and pump up the crowd. Hence the top 5 songs missing from baseball.

Teddy Pendergras – “Turn Out The Lights”

Translation to the pitcher, “You’re about to get fucked.”

Bret Hart – “Trinitron Entrance Theme”

How nobody has used this in the past 20+ years boggles my mind.  Seems like a no brainer.

Glenn Frey – “The Heat Is On”

The H is O, ever heard of it?

Enya – “Sail Away (Orinoco Flow)”

Total mind fuck city here, what’s this hitter’s deal? Why is he playing this song? Sail away, sail where?

and now the obvious one…

Van Halen – “Jump”

This would be my walk up song 100% of the time if I could only play one song forever. Riffs, yelling, keyboards, hair, emotion, it’s got it all. Not to mention EVERYONE knows this song, yet you never hear it on the radio. I would even do the split at home plate before and after I jacked one out.

diamond dave