Is Logan Couture the Rosa Parks of making the Hitler mustache okay again?

by sanjosebarstool



With each year that comes, Movember seems to be more and more common place, which is great news, raises a lot of money, blah blah blah. The main point for almost every guy is that they get a hall pass for facial hair. More importantly, it’s almost imperative that it be a mustache or at least have a mustache, so even the guys that can’t grow a beard can at least mail in a mustache. And really who wouldn’t? Our heroes of yore, Tom Selleck, Dennis Eckersley, Billy Dee Williams, the list goes on. Hell, the whole “Ron Swanson” thing with Parks and Rec. gives guys all over not only a pass to grow a stache, but also eat entirely way too much red meat and tell their wives to cool it.

Yet, only until Michael Jordan’s recent Hanes commercial, nobody seriously rocked a Hitler mustache (or Chaplin if you’re an asshole) since, well, World War II. It’s so iconic and awful, his own troops didn’t even sport that style facial hair. In fact, Mao and Stalin killed way way more people put pants suits and full grown mustaches are still in style.:


But Logan Couture is closer to us than he is to Jordan. He’s a Canadian and not a trendy asshole like LeBron or D-wade. He is of the proletariat and now after almighty MJ has come down from his Mount Olympus of gambling and reverse vasectomies to hand us this throwback. Who better a person than a blue collar Logan Couture, a humble guy who scores, passes and gets back on D. It’s not Seguin doing this. The last guy picked at the all-star game. Just our guy Logan.